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I am very angry by AlphabetlyCute I am very angry :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 1 0 Alice and Anna by AlphabetlyCute Alice and Anna :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 0 0 I'm a mistake by AlphabetlyCute I'm a mistake :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 1 2 I'm here for two days and I started to hate this s by AlphabetlyCute I'm here for two days and I started to hate this s :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 1 4
Episode 1
   After Dinner when Alice clean up the place while Beau and Catatonic catch a bed. Someone at the gate. They rung the bell like 20 millions times, so that made Alice ran to the gate and answer the door with the rudest tone she ever had, "What? What you want?! You don't ring the bell like that! I don't care who you are, but you shouldn't abuse the bell like that! You will pay for this!" The person step back from Alice. "Hehe, I'm sorry ma'am. I wouldn't do that again, I promise." The person apologized. "Whatever, who are you?" Alice rudely asked. "Call me D'Bryan, but people call me just D for short." He said. "So, what your pretty name, miss?" Alice rudely sigh, "Mine's Alice and don't call me miss, you bully" Alice, finally, let D in.
   As soon as D's in, he ran around if someone there. Alice was wondering if Beau and Catatonic has met D'Bryan. Before she was about to quit, she hear someone crying, so Alice ran for her life. D'Bryan was bullying Beau for not
:iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 0 4
I want to say  by AlphabetlyCute I want to say :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 0 0 I had lose everything by AlphabetlyCute I had lose everything :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 0 0 Catatonic Ref by AlphabetlyCute Catatonic Ref :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 1 0
Episode 0
Towns are the same thing. They all have buildings and people, but there one town, yes, one town. This one town is fulled of alphabet aliens. These "alphabet aliens" are here for helping little children in schools. The aliens has their full names such as A for Alice and Z for Zami. The human form are more older then their alien selves. Like alien Alice is 18 but in human form she's 28. Their Town look like bright colors, alphabet letters flowing around, Alphabet houses and words in the sky. Alice been ran as a major since her mom pass away due of suicide. Alice had her gate open to meet to her new friends... On the first day...
Beau, the letter B, joined with a fake smile. "Hi, you must be B, what your full name?" Alice asked. "...Hi...I'm Beau" Beau replied. Alice looks weird out, "Um... are you okay? you look shy."  Beau blushed it out, "No. I'm awkward." Alice check him in and let him in. Beau wondering around the town. Alice give Beau a B shaped house
:iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 0 0
Beau ref by AlphabetlyCute Beau ref :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 6 0 Cover by AlphabetlyCute Cover :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 0 0 Alice Ref by AlphabetlyCute Alice Ref :iconalphabetlycute:AlphabetlyCute 3 2


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